List of Hudson River Dams, Water Levels, Facts

Hudson River Dams

The Hudson River is teeming with dams, which play a fundamental role in providing hydropower, stemming flooding and even giving rise to recreational possibilities. These constructions are vital in preserving the river’s flow as well as that of its tributaries. This article will explore why there is an abundance of these structures on the Hudson … Read more

List of Ohio River Dams, Water Levels, Facts

Ohio River Dams

The Ohio River is an iconic waterway, serving as a vital boundary between several US states. For centuries, its numerous dams have been providing essential services such as supplying drinking water, controlling flooding, and producing hydroelectric power. These structures are quite impressive, with some of the largest located on the river. There are hundreds of … Read more

List of Missouri River Dams, Water Levels, Facts

Missouri River Dams

The Missouri River is an expansive waterway, stretching for over 2,500 miles from its source in Montana to its mouth near St. Louis. Spanning 10 states and forming part of two others’ boundaries, this grand river’s course has become home to numerous dams throughout history. These structures serve various purposes such as providing irrigation for … Read more

Mississippi River Dams – Things you need to Know

Mississippi River Dams

The Mississippi River, a mighty waterway prolonging for thousands of miles, has been utilized for centuries due to its advantageous positioning. From providing power to supplying irrigation and navigation channels, it has been essential in sustaining many communities. To make the most of this invaluable resource, numerous dams have been built along the river’s course … Read more

Klamath River Dams – Things you need to Know

Klamath River Dams

The Klamath River is an iconic waterway in the western US, playing a major role for many states by providing vital hydropower and irrigation. Along its course there exist multiple dams that help to control and store the river’s water. These structures are integral for managing the resources of this mighty river. In this article, … Read more

Columbia River Dams – Everything you need to know

Columbia River Dams

The Columbia River has played host to a number of dams throughout its history, each of which serves an essential purpose to the many communities living along its banks. These dams provide power, irrigation, navigation, fish passage, and flood control services. Of particular note are some of the largest dams on the river – ones … Read more

Colorado River Dams – Everything you need to know

Colorado River Dams

The Colorado River is a key source of water for many regions and industries across North America. To ensure its resources are managed responsibly, numerous dams have been constructed along the river’s course and tributaries. These structures serve multiple purposes – storing water, creating hydroelectric energy, and preventing flooding. This article will investigate the facts … Read more